Connecting People & Passion for Change

Strategic, Effective Environmental Campaign Consulting

Upriver Consulting helps environmentally-driven organizations clarify, create, and execute strategic policy campaigns.

Clear Objectives, Clear Results

First, we get understanding and consensus about what winning looks like. This clarity informs everything we do in execution of your campaign, so your people and planet-focused initiatives win.

We perform due diligence to understand all the sides.  Often consultants don’t dig deep to uncover all the facts.  We go past suppositions and inherent biases to get the truth of the matter.

Right People, Right Relationships

Like the old adage goes, "you win with people." Once we have clear objectives, we determine and categorize key partners: organizations, public health officials, and civic leaders to build a coalition to get the work done. We also identify your internal team members and their strengths to contribute to the effort.

Decisive, Effective Action

Once we are clear on where we are going and who can help get us there, we get into action with a combination of lobbying, organic & paid communication, and organizing to build awareness, inspire action, and cause change.

We get a thorough understanding of the challenge from all perspectives, including from vulnerable populations.

What We Stand For







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